Summer Wear

Summer Wear

225 products found
225 products found


The team at Osmose has done its research on trends and fashion for summer 2019 and developed an extensive line of summer wear that all women will love!

A modern approach to fashion while keeping the importance of comfort and style, Osmose ensures that every woman in Singapore has got their fashion covered this summer.

Slipping into a Sunday play dress or a laid back dungaree from our 2019 Summer Wear collection, we believe that comfort is the key to unlocking an effortless glow. Manufactured with the best breathable material to keep your summer days healthy and happy with the optimal support, and protection from the sun, our collection borrows the latest trends found in the world of fashion today. Jump into a line of minimal and versatile pieces ranging from rompers to sundresses and casual skirts that goes hand in hand with all the outfit in your closet. Each piece underwent a layer of details to set your outfit apart from others to exude a hale if serenity and lucid elements.

Despite using trends seen from 2019 summer fashion shows, we make sure all our items are timeless to make you feel confident and unstoppable even years down the road.


Tranquil and Serene

At Osmose, we strive the best to achieve the perfect balance of effortless style and minimal get up. Downplay your wardrobe and amplify your inner grace and let the beauty of the clothes take you on a day of recline and unwind. Skip a breeze and find respite in the gentle touch of peace and comfort in Fashion with our 2019 Summer Wear collection in Singapore.


Discover something special

Osmose works towards providing you with quality pieces in our summer wear collection that are relevant and timeless, accentuating the modern silhouettes that we all bear. Take a look at our online collection of workwear bottoms, tops, and dresses and update your closet now. Discover Osmose’s latest fashion pieces and feel fabulous everyday with the confidence from deep within.

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