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2 products found
2 products found
Tinuke Twist Tied Dress
$ 29.50 SGD
$ 59.00 SGD
Alexandra Satin Dress
$ 27.50 SGD
$ 55.00 SGD

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Looking for the best deal in online fashion portals? Look no further up to 50% off fashion wear at osmose. Not looking for the latest trends but realistically priced clothing. This is where you can get cheap clothes Singapore at our sale section

Osmose prides itself as a fast fashion brand as more new products are stocked we tend to refresh our inventory by clearing 1-2-month-old stock. We do not create backorders nor restock any pieces as we want the pieces to be exclusive.  

Our sale category is mostly made out of pieces which are left in a limited quantity such as limited sizing or last pieces. This is to make space for more well-stocked items on the shelves. This provides a better shopping experience in stores as customers get to see only the trendiest and available products.


Great Singapore Sale Fashion

Being a local fashion brand born and bred in Singapore we do participate in the great Singapore sale. Happens usually around mid of every year. All orders made from any part of the world will enjoy a discounted price during the great Singapore sale period.

Get exclusive great Singapore sale deals in fashion when you shop at Osmose. Stretch your dollar and go fashion bargain hunting during the GSS period. Cheap fashion clothing at more than 50% discount what are you waiting for? The much-awaited clothing sale in Singapore is here. 


Cheap Clothes Singapore

Cheap clothing is a rare find in Singapore. If you are not looking for the latest trends this is where to look for practical and cost-saving clothing. Shop from our extensive or cheap clothes with uncompromising quality. Often these are odd sizes that we pull-out from our stores to keep our retail stores look neat and tidy! We always focus on consumer store experience.