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Looking for high quality knit wear for travelling? Bored of that basic knitwear look. Always feeling cold in that air-conditioned office environment? We got you covered! Ladies this is the one-stop place to replace that boring knitwear collection that you have. At OSMOSE we re-invent knitwear with fashionable designs. We provide high quality knitwear that not only keeps you warm and cozy. It will also bring out the fashion sense in you. Our fashion knitwear has thermal properties that keeps you warm even in the harshest environment. 

Not only that, we stock knitwear in a wider spectrum of colors. Also we have the knit material transposed into ready to wear summer pieces. Like knitted tops or even cardigans for the laid back look. 


We spend most of our hours at work. However in Singapore most of our work spaces are equipped with air-conditioners. It maybe a blessing to the majority but don't you hate it when it gets too cold? Our knit-wear collection is perfect to provide you with the warm and cozy feeling at home wherever you are. 

Shop from our wide range of knitted cardigans to give you the relaxing vibe wherever you are. knit wear should not be boring, we have reinvented the material to pair with latest trends such as off shoulder designs or even turtle neck vest knit wear designs. 


Knit wear has seen an undisputed trend among Asia, with popularity first trending in Korea knitwear market. As such celebrities has been seen wearing casual knitwear cardigans behind the scenes while filming. Knitwear with high quality material gives off the elegance yet no-effort fashionista look. Easy to put on and managed compared to other materials. Knitwear is the number one choice for those lazy days.